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  King Chords - Weezer


 Weezer - King Guitar Tab
    King Chords
    King - Weezer

This is a bonus track off of Weezer's Red Album...
I find it to be very kick ass.  Buy the deluxe edition on iTunes and listen to Miss 
These two songs RAWK and should have made the album... Such is life.

The annoying thing about Weezer is they tend to tune down their guitars a half step for 
every song... so they play the fingering as if this song were in Bm, but in actuality it 
in Bbm.  I usually just play it a half step up, so that's how I tabbed this mo' fuckah.

(Oh yeah... And it's the same four chords the whole time.)
Here ya go...
King - Weezer

                  Bm                 D
One night at the disco I wanted to dance slow
               Em                 F#
I saw a sweet baby, such a fine lady
                    Bm                           D
And I walked up to ask her, but some dude just grabbed her
               Em                     F#
I told him to back off, cut me some slack off
           Bm                       D
I see you come here, drinkin' that cheap beer
              Em                 F#
Act like you own it, I can't condone it
                Bm                      D
You show me no respect, you got to get off it
                Em                    F#
You got to get with it.  Time for a swift kick
             Bm                                     D
You see, I own this town.  You best not come around.
If you wanna get by, then cool it down.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.
                     Bm                                   D
If you wanna mess around like that, that's just how it is.
If you wanna get by, then mind your biz.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.

(verse 2 goes the same way as verse 1, but with these lyrics)

You wanted attention and did I mention:
Nobody likes you, except for the losers
You made a whole army, an army of babies
Some of them stupid, some of them crazy
Pick up your action, act like a grown man
Look at the winners, you can be like them
Life is so easy, pleasant, and dreamy
If you get off me, if you get with me

CHORUS (again)

You can't break me
Never take me
Em                  F#
That's just how it is
You can't break me
Never shake me
Em               F#
Clear out of my biz

CHORUS (a third time, then the progression repeats for a while, and you do some vocal 
and you sound great, then the song ends.)


"Weezer" "King" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind King Chords:   
     Weezer (IPA: /ˈwizɚ/) is a Grammy nominated American rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Wilson (drums, backing vocals), Matt Sharp (bass, backing vocals), and Jason Cropper (guitar, backing vocals), with the last two replaced by Mikey Welsh and Brian Bell, respectively. Mikey Welsh was later replaced with Scott Shriner.[1] They have released six full-length albums, three EPs, and a DVD; the first album was later re-released as a remastered deluxe edition in 2004. Weezer recently released their sixth album on June 3, 2008. They have sold more than 7 million records to date in the US.[2]Indexed at Wikipedia.      
King King Chords, 

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