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Jimmy Buffett Lyrics - Pre-You



Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

By: Jimmy Buffett, Ralph MacDonald, William Salter

Mysterious lost weekends in a land where time stands still 
Where people fall in love again just for one more thrill 
My girl and I went walkin' by the Caribbean Sea 
Someone snorkeled by, raised her head up high 
And my girl said, "Who's she?" 

A friend of mine who's old not new 
She's just another girl that I once knew 
Pleasant smile, a pretty face 
Another time, another place 
What's a guy supposed to do 

We'll blame it on the weather and the stars that shine above 
For bringing us together and filling us with love 
So don't you fret my lady 'cause what we have is strong 
Let her swim away, out into the bay 
Your place is here with me 
She's pre-you 

(sax solo) 

Long ago we were close but the fire went out 
She's a tease can't you tell that's what she's all about 
Like an old broken clock on the wall she's got nothin' to say 
She was long ago 
She's so yesterday 

She's pre-you 
She's just a friend so don't be blue 
Only yesterday just passin' through 
Another page in history 
Steppin' stone for you and me 


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Jimmy Buffett Lyrics - Pre-You
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