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  In Another Lifetime Chords - Gary Valenciano

"In Another Lifetime"
"Gary Valenciano"

"In Another Lifetime"
"In Another Lifetime"
 Gary Valenciano - In Another Lifetime Guitar Tab
    In Another Lifetime Chords
    Title: In Another Lifetime
Artist: Gary Valenciano
Tabbed by: Valera , Charlie Edsel
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Intro: E-B (2x)
                       B        E
I Could hold on for a hundred years
Whe all else is gone
I would still be here
in a memory of things yet unseen
     C#               F#
I'd remember all that we've never been
       B             C#m  
And I cannot wait to see
      G#m                   F#  
What life has in store for me
In another lifetime
It would be forever
In another world
                 F#         B   
Where you and i could be together
In another set of chances
i'd take the one's I'd missed 
    Ebm       G#m
And make you mine
   E           B
If only for a time
My life would matter
In anothe life
And I'd stay as strong
          B       E
And I'd stay as true
And you'd have forever now to 
Think i through
      G#m                      C#m  
Cause I do believe what wasn't meant for now
And someday you'll see
      Ebm              E   
In a place and time we never know
     G#              F#
I'd standing there waiting for you
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
F#          Em
In another life
A            F#m
You would be mine
       Bm               Em  
But until that time is now
        F#m           G-C
I'd be holding on somehow
Chorus 2:
In another lifetime
In another world
              C              C
Where you and I could be together
In another set of chances
I'd take the one's I'd issed
     Em       Am     
And make you mine
F              C
If only for a time
My lie would matter
But until that time
         Em             Am
I'll be holding onto forever
  G            F-C Break
Until another life . . .

"In Another Lifetime"
"In Another Lifetime"
"Gary Valenciano" "In Another Lifetime" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind In Another Lifetime Chords:   
     Edgardo Jose Martin Santiago Valenciano, better known as simply Gary Valenciano (shortened to Gary V.), is a Filipino musician, composer, actor, producer, and gospel singer who is best known for many songs, especially those that became theme songs for movies. His energetic dance moves also garnered him the nickname "Mr. Pure Energy."Born in the suburb of Santa Mesa in Manila on August 6, 1964, he is the sixth of Vicente Valenciano and Grimilda Santiago Ortiz’s seven children. Santiago Ortiz is a Puerto Rican woman of Italian descent who became a popular opera singer in Manila during the 1960s, and her love for music passed down to her son, Gary. He took his primary and secondary studies in La Salle Greenhills. It was during his high school days, while on a brief stint with the musical group Kundirana, that he devoted himself to music.He first appeared as a solo in a television show called The Pilita and Jackie Show in 1982, but he was finally noticed after his performances in the TV shows Germspesyal and Penthouse Live. He had his first solo concert, in April 1984, inside the jam-packed Araneta Coliseum. That would be followed by 21 albums, three of them released internationally, including a Christian inspired album called Out of the Dark.He is married to Maria Anna Elizabeth "Angeli" Evangelista Pangilinan, with whom he has three children: Juan Paolo Martin (a vocalist of the band Salamin), Jose Angelo Gabriel (a dancer), and Kristina Maria Mikaela.Indexed at Wikipedia.      
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