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Tabs > Wild Side Of Life 3Artist/Band: Thompson Hank Tabs
Song: Wild Side Of Life 3 Tab

     Wild Side of Life

    Recorded by Hank Thompson
    [key of C moderate 4/4 time]

[C] You wouldn't read my letter if I [F] wrote you
You [G7] asked me not to call you on the [C] phone.
But there's something I'm wanting to [F] tell you
So I [G7] wrote it in the words of this [C] song.

I didn't know God made honky tonk [F] angels
I [G7] should have known you'd never make a [C] wife
You gave up the only one that ever [F] loved you
And went [G7] back to the wild side of [C] life.

The glamor of the gay night life has [F] lured you
To the [G7] places where the wine and liquor [C] flows.
There you wait to be anybody's [F] baby
And for [G7] get the only love you'll ever [C] know. 
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