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Tabs > She Won't Choose MeArtist/Band: Bentley Dierks Tabs
Song: She Won't Choose Me Tab

Dierks Bentley

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (G)  (G)  (G)  (G)

Thought I'd (G) died on gone to heaven
When I first saw her there (G7)
(C) Standin' in a sweat stained Stestson
With her cow, at the country fair
I (G) thought I knew how to make a move
But I can't (G7) make her (C) mine
I (A7) wish I could forget her
But (D) there's just something in her (D7) smile

  (Cause) (G) She chews tobacco
  Rides on a tractor
  Drives all the cowboys (D) wild
  She's a tall drink of water
  A real farmer's daughter
  For her (D7) love, I'd walk a country (G) mile
  But, I can't get within spittin' distance
  No matter how (G7) I beg or pl(C)ead
  (D) My heart's crackin'
  Cause she chews tobacco
  (D7) But she won't choose (G) me

Well, her (G) mama said she liked old westerns
So I did my best John Wayne (G7)
Said I'd (C) bet we'd go together
Like grits on a gravy train
When (G) I leaned in, she gave a little grin
And puckered (G7) up her (C) lips
And (A7) hit right where she was aimin'
Now there's a (D) little brown stain on my boot (D7) tips

Repeat Chorus

I (E7) know it's wrong, but I (A7) can't resist
(C) Thinkin' 'bout the taste of (D) that first (D7) kiss

Repeat Chorus

  (D) My heart's crackin'
  Cause she chews tobacco
  (D7) But you know she won't choose (G) me 
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